Olive - OMG


So, Britney Shears Spears shaved her head earlier tonight.  There is a monumental post happening at ohnotheydidnt and it's breaking LJ.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is what I get for checking ONTD before bed.  Staying up too late. 
Enjoy Being a Girl

To paraphrase Jay Leno...

He's doing his monologue right now, commenting on the cold weather in L.A....

"Britney Spears got the most embarrassing case of frostbite - her lips were blue!"

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Time for LJ

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You're a LiveJournal Junkie!
Well, maybe you don't live or die for LiveJournal, but it's what gets you up in the morning.

Guilty of reloading your friends page over and over throughout the day? Thought so.

Quick, get some fresh air - before you become a full fledged addict!
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Pink Cosmo

Isn't this fun?

Stolen from tyskkvinna and myselfesteem

1. A band/artist/album/song you really like that I should hear. it doesn't have to be new, or my style perhaps, but something you really like. I might like it too.

2. How the weather is in your neighbourhood today.

3. A movie you like.

4. What colour of shoes you are wearing.

5. What you are having for lunch today.

My sister is going to be induced on Tuesday morning at 7AM if she doesn't go into labor before then. :)