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Still sad.

Moving next Saturday. I go from feeling nauseous, to anxious, to a little excited, to crushed. I'm a little excited to have my own space that I can do whatever I want with. I'm curious to see what the change will be in him, if any. I am going to try not to talk to him, for a little while anyway. I know he appreciates all that I've done for him, I just want him to take a good, hard look at his life without me. Is it better to be without me than be married to me? Is it better to be alone or to have a child with someone you love? We had a talk last week and he sees his abusive father in himself. I don't see it at ALL. In 7 years, he has raised his voice to me a handful of times. never has he done anything remotely violent or anything like that. That's the big reason why he doesn't want children. I wish he could understand he has the potential to be a good parent.

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I'm so sorry Dana. Haven't read this in awhile but just saw on Facebook that something was wrong and thought you might have posted here. If you need to talk I'm here. I hope you're okay but it sounds like this was the right decision for you. Not that it makes it easier.

Lots of love

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