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la femme avec les yeux lumineuse

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Friends Only.

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Most of my entries from here on will be friends only. Comment to be added...

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I love the picture:) Is that the girl from Sex and the City? in the back who is smoking?

Yup, that's Sarah Jessica Parker, i.e. Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. That picture is from the final episode. :)

Me please (odviously). And might I say, I love your new layout!

wow you work for kmart too?
I hope you add me. please check out my kmart comedy site at: http://www.retaildrama.info

I added you. I actually went to that site last night after I found the community, and was laughing my ass off.

glad you liked it...enjoy the Big K:)

I am adding you. Will you add me back? I love Sex and the City and SJP.

Sure, I'll add you right now! :)

Hey babe, please add this one, mattymattymatty is gone. :)

Hello doll, meant to reply earlier, but I added your new journal. :)

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